Who Are We


The Vision of Living The Word

  1. To demonstrate the integrity of our faith by thorough Obedience to the Word of God, both his commands to live a godly lifestyle, as well as following His instructions to impact the world through living a victorious life that shows evidence of the reality of the Power of God.
  2. To demonstrate faithful Stewardship of the gifts that God has given his people, with an emphasis on faithfully managing the Financial Resources that God has given us, and faithfully discovering,preparing for and walking out the Gifting, Calling and Purpose that God has given to every person.
  3. To engage in Outreach to our community and world to share the Word of God through formal teaching and our personal testimony, while also sharing the Love of God with tangible efforts to impact people through local and global outreach events to meet material needs.
  4. To promote and pursue Cultural Diversity and Unity in our ministry and the Body of Christ.

A Brief History of Living The Word

In May of 1992,The Lord spoke to Taylor Cox Jr. asking him to begin a work of ministry targeting people who would help remove an image of the church as hypocrites who say they are Christians but do not live the life of Christ and be among those who would help restore an image of the true church composed of “living epistles” the Word of God in the flesh. The Lord also gave the name “Living the Word” to signify the call on the house, and gave a focus on outreach and financial stewardship and economic development as other components of the vision.

Meetings began in the summer of 1992 as Bible studies in the Cox home in Ypsilanti, Ml, but quickly moved to homes in Detroit. By early 1993, Sunday meetings were held at the Plaza hotel in Southfield where 10-12 would gather for worship and the Word of God. By mid-year 1993, the meetings were being held in rented space at the bridge club of Taylor and Edith Cox on the John Lodge Service Dr. in NW Detroit. During this time a dozen or so people were brought to the Lord and baptized.

On November 6, 1994 LTW was officially born with 22 members. Founder Taylor Cox Jr. was ordained and installed as senior pastor by a presbytery of elders led by his former pastor, Robert Hill of Christian Love Fellowship International Ministries of Ypsilanti, Ml. A church building and parsonage located on Hubbell street just South of Eight Mile in NW Detroit was purchased from a congregation of the Church of God in Christ.

During the next 13 years:

  • The 10 year mortgage on the original buildings was paid off in 4 years
  • A new sanctuary was built on the back of the old building which was entirely financed by the members of Living The Word
  • Four additional lots near the building were acquired
  • Hundreds of lives were changed through salvation, deliverance from demonic oppression, physical healing, marriage and true discipleship in Christ
  • An active Alms ministry was maintained helping people with basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and transportation.
  • Four new pastors, three evangelists, and one teacher were formally installed into these Biblical offices by a presbytery of recognized senior pastors led by Pastor Taylor.

In the spring of 2007, the Lord spoke to senior pastor Taylor Cox and gave instruction that the ministry was to move out of Detroit. The building was placed on the market and sold immediately to a ministry from Farmington, MI. The next 18 months were spent sharing a building with Peace Lutheran Church in Southfield while our search continued for a new permanent location. While at Peace Lutheran, Living The Word began supporting foreign missionary work in India, Japan, and Africa. A team of three Living The Word members went to Africa.

Later in 2011, we began a relationship of support to a network of five churches in Cairo, Egypt. In 2014 we sent a team of two members to the Dominican Republic, and in 2016 a team of two members went to Nicaragua as a part of the 1 Nation 1 Day outreach. We are planning to send a team of three to Peru in 2019. This work to spread the gospel beyond the borders of the U.S. has been consistent since 2008.

In the fall of 2009, we purchased the current building in Hazel Park, MI. Since coming to Hazel Park, Living The Word has become more and more aware of, and involved in, the move of God to see the manifestation of true unity in the church and we have incorporated a regional perspective on the body of Christ within the vision of our own local fellowship. For example, founding pastor Taylor Cox Jr. is a member of the Pastors Regional House of Prayer, One Detroit, The Greater Detroit Partnership and The Detroit 50.

In 2016, we began a new phase of ministry with Noel Willis being installed as Sr. Pastor. Noel Willis is leading Living The Word to new levels, including enhancing the ministry’s online and social media presence. The ministry has continued to grow under the leadership of Pastor Noel, with young adults being the fastest growing segment in the ministry. In this new phase of ministry, Living The Word is focused on developing believers and helping them discover, prepare for, and walk out their purpose.

Our Twelve-Point Tenants of Faith

Article 1: Nature of Faith

We are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ who we believe is one of the manifestations of the almighty God, creator of the earth. We believe in the concept of the Trinity that God exists as the Father, the Son (Christ, the Word of God) and the Holy Spirit.

Article 2: Source of Doctrine
The Bible is the Word of God and our source of instruction. It tells us about God, about man’s relationship to God and about how He wants us to relate to one another.

Article 3: Water Baptism
Water baptism is a required part of the process of salvation in accordance with Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:16 and Acts 2:38.

Article 4: Filling of the Holy Ghost
The baptism (filling) of the Holy Spirit and speaking in unknown tongues are relevant gifts for Christians today.

Article 5: Salvation
The steps of Salvation are: (a) repentance of sin, (b) sincere belief that the death and resurrection of Christ is the means by which we come to reestablish our relationship with God, (c) public confession of Christ as one’s personal Savior and Lord, and (d) water baptism.

Article 6: Governance
Living the Word was founded based on the apostolic calling of God to the founders of the ministry. Therefore, membership in LTW signifies a confidence that these founders carry a mantle of apostolic authority to govern the ministry according to the written Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Senior Pastor shall govern together with the Council of Overseers, and under the oversight of a Council of Apostles composed of leaders outside LTW to whom he is accountable, as described in the LTW bylaws.

Article 7: Worship Service
Weekly assemblies on Sunday will generally include prayer, praise/worship and the Word of God. It is our intention and belief that meetings are planned and led by the Spirit of God. The meetings at the church are primarily intended to equip saints to more effectively do the work of the ministry outside of the ministry’s headquarters (church building).

Article 8: Presentation of the Word
The Word of God is presented through teaching, preaching, operation of the gift of prophecy , and operation of the gift of tongues and interpretation. Evangelism (preaching and witnessing) is the domain of outreach, while the emphasis in the meetings of the saints should be on teaching of the Word.

Article 9: Respect of Persons
We seek to include persons from all races, nationalities and social classes. We seek to promote racial integration in the fellowship.

Article 10: Financial Support
The revenue base of the Church is to come from member tithes and offerings.

Article 11: Gifts of the Spirit
We believe that the gifts of the Spirit as describes in 1 Cor. 12 and Romans 12 are for the Church today.

Article 12: Sacraments
We observe the following sacraments:
1. Water Baptism
2. Communion