Living The Word Christian Ministries

22910 Highland Ave / Hazel Park, Mi 48030

Service Days and Times

Sunday Morning Worship – 10:30am

Wednesday Night Bible Class – 7pm

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share God’s love with the people who need it the most, those who don’t know him. Every dollar
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A Bible Teaching Ministry

Pastor Noel Willis, the Senior Pastor of Living The Word, is called by God to help individuals discover, prepare for and walk out their purpose. He is an anointed teacher of the Word of God, who teaches with simplicity, stressing the application of the Word of God to bring believers to a higher level of victorious living. 

Pastor Noel Willis

Get to know us a little better

Who we are

Living the Word Christian Ministries is a full Gospel, non-denominational Church. We are a teaching based ministry with a focus on helping individuals and families experience a successful life through Jesus Christ, including demonstrating the life of Jesus in our personal lives, having a vibrant relationship with God and discovering, preparing for, and living out our God designed purpose. These things lead to a drama free life, filled with strong families, fulfilling careers, solid finances and good health………read more

Pastor Noel Willis

Noel Willis has been a follower of Christ for over 24 years and has been active in ministry for over 20 years. In 2003, Noel was confirmed to the office of Teacher. In 2009 he was confirmed to the office of Pastor and served as associate pastor until 2016. In 2016, Noel was installed as Senior Pastor and is leading Living The Word to new levels…….read more

Pastor Taylor Cox Jr

Taylor Cox Jr. is the founding pastor of Living the Word Christian Ministries where he served as senior pastor for 22 years before installing his successor in 2016. He is also Co-director of the Greater Detroit Partnership (a Christian non-profit devoted to the formation of Christian pastor partnerships and Christ-led community transformation)…….read more

Honest Reviews

Great Bible Teaching, Preaching, Counseling, Brotherhood and more.

Mr. Man

The Prasie and Worship is off the hook!!! And they only teach the truth

William M.

This church is the place where servants of Jesus Christ gather to worship the Father.
Committed to Speaking Biblical Truth and winning souls for the Kingdom of God. Excellent.

Rhonda M

I really enjoy your services on Sundays. I feel like when you talk about people in the Bible, they’re my neighbors and I can go down a few houses and they would be like regular people like me – the message is clear and simple

Jamie M

Come and experience a place that is full of people who’s only desire is to seek God and to help others find HIM

David T

Wonderful church, the Teaching is excellent

Tiffanie B.

LTW’s Impacting Inequality Initiative

Formerly, the Impacting Inequality Scholarship Committee, LTW is Continuing our commitment to bridge the poverty gap and affect change in the community. Now the Impacting Inequality Committee is dedicated to partnering with programs whose mission aligns with our core values. The revamp of this initiative allows us to expand our criteria which allows us to develop initiatives to address inequality in our communities as well as global initiatives to address inequality globally. Download this form and email it to

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