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Welcome to the LTW website. Here you will find information to acquaint you with our
fellowship.  On our website, you will find something for adults and children, men and
women.  On the ‘contact us’ page, you will find service times and directions to our
Church, and the calendar page gives information on upcoming events.  

We trust that your visit to this site will give you a much greater knowledge of who we are
and what we are doing to serve Christ, and that it will inspire you to come and visit us in
person at a meeting soon.  

In the meantime, if you have questions or want further information please contact our
church office at
(248) 399-1414 or send us an email at andrea.e@ltwcm.com.   Thank
you for visiting today and we hope to meet you soon.
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A Word From Pastor Taylor

As many of you know there is a current move of God to unify the body of Christ in
accordance with the prayer of Jesus in John 17. He prayed that His church would
be one in the manner of the oneness that He had with the Father and declared
that through our unity the world would be persuaded of the truth of the gospel. I
believe that several happenings in our region and nation in recent years are a
direct result of this move of God including EACH (Everyone A Chance to Hear),
The Call (27,000 Christians crying out to God for Metro Detroit in Ford Field in
Nov. of 2011), the America for Jesus national prayer rally in Philadelphia in Sept.
2012 and the creation of numerous intercongregational church groups such as
EACH, The Detroit Partnership, One Detroit, among others.

Although there has been progress, it has been clear since the earliest days of our
church that unification among Christians is hard and complicated work.
Furthermore, the enemy will fiercely fight against it because he knows of the
potential that it holds for releasing the awesome power of God more completely. If
we as believers are determined to work through the obstacles a great reward
awaits. Here is a partial list of principles that will help us succeed.

1. Reduce divisiveness  by focusing on core principles, values and doctrine           
that we hold in common instead of doctrinal differences that are not central to who
we are in Christ.

2. Let our identity in Christ trump all others such as race, political affiliation or

3. Avoid alienating true brothers/sisters in Christ with political rhetoric or
insistence on working only with others who identify with the same political
party or candidate

4. Be intentional and strategic about connecting and coordinating leaders of
networks and coalitions of Christians and churches so that they begin to
interlock rather than compete and conflict with one another.

5. Honor the diversity in the body (our different gifts and abilities; our
respective roles in the plan of God; our positions of influence in the
spheres of authority given to us by Christ).

6. Be intentional about learning how to value and welcome diversity on
dimensions such as race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, educational
background, territorial assignment (e.g. city/suburbs).
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Hebrews 4:16

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